China’s netizens swarm
Thousands of netizens in China seized the chance to check out Amnesty International’s main website after it was unblocked in China for the first time, on 1 Aug.

The Chinese cyber-police’s unprecedented move came after international journalists discovered, upon arrival in Beijing for the Olympic Games, that numerous websites – such as those of Wikipedia and BBC Chinese – were blocked inside Olympic media venues. About 30,000 reporters from around the world are expected to cover the Games.

Within the first four days, received about 14,000 visitors from China — nearly 30 times the visitor count for July. To welcome the new visitors, the organization is now installing a Chinese language section.

Unblocking the sites is a monumental move for the Chinese government especially when it appeared to be tightening its control over media in recent years by banning websites and detaining journalists.

Is this a move towards greater freedom or a cosmetic change that will last as long as the Olympics?